Castle Rock Mountain  was purchased in 2015 by Paris based, Texas born artist Monte Laster. Laster's fascination with this place has endured many years and surmounted many complications. His vision for this exceptional site was based on his work done in France over more than 20 years where he created F.A.C.E. (French American Creative Exchange) in 2001. F.A.C.E. and many of the artist's social sculpture artworks are based on his belief that "cooperation" is of the utmost importance for the well-being of mankind as a species and for the preservation of our environement. 


The purchasing of this property shows, within itself, the importance of this concept as most of the funds were given as gifts and low interest loans by supporters of his work. 


Castle Rock Mountain is F.A.C.E. USA headquarters.


Castle Rock Mountain historical site in Santo, Texas (1h30mn from Downtown Dallas) has it's origins at the end of the 19th century. It is said that it began as the site of a gold mine which led from the top of the mountain down to the Brazos river some 2 miles away. It is also said that much of the land around the mountain is laced with tunnels.


Many different buildings compose the site.


The Main Lodge is mostly composed of a large stone structure with a red cedar vaulted ceiling. It was built as a dance hall at the beginning of the 19th century. It has had some shady moments and is believed to have been a hangout for many a gangster in it's early years. It has since served as a restaurant and in most recent years, a private residence.


The Cabins were originally built as a Tourist Court. Of the 7 original stone structures, 6 are still standing. 


The Rock Castle Grocery and Filling Station is a 2 story structure located at the main entrance to the property.




Castle Rock Mountain  will be the object of a complete renovation of the existing buildings and the securing of the land surrounding the property. The revitalisation of the site will include a large scale addition to the Main Lodge to increase it's ability to recieve the public in secure and comfortable conditions.


The land below the built structures will be protected in their natural state as a reserve due to its large diversity of  eco-systems. A walking trail will be installed in order for visitors to observe the sites flora and fauna in complete security.  

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